Eco Credentials

Sustainable and Direct Trade Coffee

One of the cornerstones of our sustainable mission is our sourcing program. Fair pay for our producers underpins this program. We also work closely with them - or our importer partners - to ensure that their farming and processing is environmentally and socially sustainable. We’re often asked if our coffee is Fairtrade, as these principles all align with it. However, within speciality coffee, we need to go a step further than this in order to source the most exceptional coffee. To do this we need to work on a more granular approach, working with producers on small lots within farms, pioneering new territories in search of new speciality coffee and fostering relationships with producers to work on experimental crops and processing.
We also prefer to source our coffee through direct trade models were possible dealing directly with the farmers, or verified distributors so we can ensure traceability throughout the whole process.

Our Packaging

When selecting new packaging for our coffee, we don’t make our material choices lightly. Both coffee bag materials and brew bags are quite challenging to navigate, but our decisions are made based on research and with the intent to reduce environmental impact. We continue to research newly available materials and review our current packaging choices. It’s an ongoing process of responsibility.
All of our exterior coffee bags and shipping boxes are 100% recyclable and were possible we use materials that are recycled themselves.
Our Coffee Brew bags are biodegradable and compostable if you so wish.

Our Eco Commitments - Plant a tree

We wanted to go a step further...and try to ensure we are offsetting our carbon footprint from roasting whilst also making a difference, so to that end we have partnered with "One Tree Planted" and for every 10kg of coffee sold we also pledge to plant a tree.
we also offer the option to our retails customers at checkout and also to all wholesale customers.
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