Carbon Offset

Carbon offsetting our c02 emissions

In our mission to be as sustainable as possible we realized that as part of normal business we were also responsible for carbon emissions as part of the delivery process involved in getting coffee to your door... to that end we have partnered with "offset" to work to counteract each mile.

We use our partner Offsets app created by our web platform provider, Shopify. It logs the delivery mileage for every single order placed on our website. This information is then used to calculate average Co2 emissions and we are able to then make a financial contribution towards their current project (Jari Pará Forest Conservation Project)

Jari Pará Forest Conservation Project

Located in the tropical Amazon rainforest of Brazil, this project covers almost 500,000 hectares of land. A massive conservation effort, the project is protecting a landmass almost the size of the State of Delaware! An area rich with biodiversity, diverse plant species of ecological and social importance, the project additionally serves a crucial role as an ecological corridor that connects several conservation areas in the surrounding region.

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